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Looking for an easy way to donate? Scan or click on this QRS code for our Amazon wish list. Your gifts will ship directly to the Toy Chest. We will match every gift to a child on our list to make their Christmas a very special one! 


Our Mission 

Our mission at The Toy Chest is to provide toys, books, and clothing to underserved communities in Kentucky, while nurturing values of empathy and service in children. We strive to foster a culture where every child has the opportunity to give back to their peers, spreading joy and essential support to those in need.

About Us

Our Vision is to be a resource for families and children of Kentucky when they need help the most. We believe through human connection and empathy there is an opportunity to inspire hope and a vision of a stronger tomorrow.

Our Reach

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, The Toy Chest is committed to service opportunities across our state.

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